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Mixing metallics for a sophisticated room!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Mixing colors and metallics can be tricky! These are all affordable items that when mixed together look very natural and truly compliment each other. Sometimes it’s confusing whether you’re supposed to mix golds and silvers but I say, why not? If you go with too much gold it can look a little gaudy, and if you go with too much silver your room may look too grey. When you mix metallics and different finishes (glossy, matte etc) you get more of a custom look and less of a cookie cutter palette. All of these elements could be added to a living room, dining room or even a master bedroom!

Shop the affordable affiliate links below for direct link to each of these items online!

Picture Frame - these are so affordable and will catch your eye!

Navy Sideboard - Great reviews and very affordable. Also comes in lots of other colors!

Gold Hammered Metallic Bowl - this would also be great on an island or a dining room table with some accessories in it!

Silver Lamps - at just $60 each these are a great deal for a lot of character!

Grey and Ivory Area Rug - this is a wool rug that will last forever and is neutral but very trendy!

Slate Grey Accent Chair - This chair comes in many other colors and is very affordable for a high quality look!

Starburst Mirror - I LOVE starburst mirrors. They are so unique with their vintage vibe.

Faux Sansevieria 35" Floor Plant - Who wants to water plants every day? Not me! This faux floor plant can hang out all by itself and will never wilt.

Thanks for checking out my latest idea board, let me know what you think!

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