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Family Friendly Board Games from Amazon!

It's been a few days since I've posted, with all that's going on I haven't been shopping as much and so I haven't been creating my boards as often. However, in this time of change, transition and struggle I find it is still helpful to contribute some ideas to keep us all entertained and moving forward.

I have compiled the best family friendly games that will allow many hours of entertainment with your family. If you are not a big fan of games, think of sending these to someone that you know who is home with their family. These games are affordable and will ship shortly! Click below for links...

Click affiliate links below for direct shopping. Listed in clockwise order from top left:

Battleship - this is such a great game to teach strategy!

Operation - a FUN game of patience and practice!

Candy Land - One of my favorites from my childhood!

Chutes and Ladders - Such a great first board game for small children!

I hope that this Amazon shopping board finds you well. Thanks for stopping by!

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