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Best Amazon Finds for Home Workouts!

Are you looking to have a healthier lifestyle? One of the best ways to stay active is to have lots of flexible options when trying to squeeze in some exercise! These top rated Amazon fitness finds will keep you in shape at home when you find you have a few minutes to stretch, strengthen or tone.

All of these top rated fitness items are linked below from Amazon with affiliate links in clockwise order from TOP LEFT:

Exercise Ball with Base and Resistance Bands - Great item to have at your disposal! This set comes with the ball, a base, two sets of exercise bands, a pump and eBook! Pull it into the TV room while catching up on shows - for $33.99 shipped it's a great practical purchase.

Women's Cute Mesh Workout Top - With 1,166 positive reviews this shirt clearly makes the cut! Adorable tie in the back and still long enough in the front (not a crop top!). Tons of colors make choosing the perfect one hard, so get a few for $15.99 each.

Women's 2 Pack Yoga Workout Pants - These are my favorite for yoga or running. They have a pocket, are high waisted and feature tummy control - need I say more? A two pack is just $25!

8 LB Medicine Ball from Amazon Basics - I used to only use these at the gym until I realized AmazonPrime could deliver one to my house with Free Shipping! Each weight varies in price but for this 8 LB version the $25 doesn't seem to steep. Great for Ab workouts or to use while balancing on an exercise ball.

Instructional Yoga Mat with 70 Poses - If you're new to yoga or just forget all of the correct positions (like me!) this mat is for you! Great quality mat with the built in bonus of being a yoga instructor!! $29 for this one and it will definitely get you trying new poses you haven't tried before.

Amazon Neoprene Dumbbell Set (2) - These weights come in various sizes but I chose this option for the 3 lb set because it is $10 including shipping. What a great finishing touch to a little workout area in your home with real weights!

Thanks for stopping by to view this Amazon At Home Exercise shopping board. See you soon!

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