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Upgrade your cocktails at home!

If you’re looking to save some $$ and make your own fancy cocktails at home this shopping board will show you how easy, and affordable, it is! Scroll down to see each item's Amazon affiliate link and click to see all of these great ratings and reviews!

I've linked each of these Amazon at-home bar essentials by listing them below in clockwise order from Top Left:

Cosmopolitan Martini Glasses, Set of 4 - These are such a modern take on the traditional martini glass. Much easier to hold and looks better than the more common skinny stem martini glass. Pick up a set of 4 for just under $15!

Set of 12 Natural Linen Hemstitch Cocktail Napkins - These are 100% linen and a big upgrade from using paper cocktail napkins. Yes you will have to occasionally wash them but it's worth it if you're trying to feel like you're out at a nice bar! A set of 12 is only $15.99 and you'll have them forever.

Lemon Squeezer, Yellow - This is the best citrus press period. I use it daily; you can add citrus to seltzer, tea, salads and cocktails! Make a fairly healthy cocktail with simply a squeeze of citrus and you're liquor of choice. This is $7.95 and you will use it more than you think.

Cocktail Mixing Glass Set - This is a perfect set to have at home that gives you all of the necessary tools to actually make great cocktails. The mixing glass and spoon are a more sophisticated way to "stir" your cocktail instead of aggressively shaking it before pouring it into the glass. The muddler comes in handy with mint for Mojitos! This set is $39.95.

Bamboo Cocktail Picks - set of 300 - These 4 inch cocktail picks are very nice and will last you forever (300 of them!). You could use them for olives or cherries in your cocktail OR for a cheese/olive platter. These are great for other appetizers that require a toothpick and they look much more attractive than a standard toothpick. Super affordable at $7.99 for 300.

Premium Crystal Whiskey Glasses, Heavy Weighted (set of 2) - These are the top selling whiskey glasses on Amazon and for good reason! There are over 600 4+ star reviews and they are identical to the glasses you see at high end cocktail bars. A set of 2 is $24.95 and so worth it!

Thanks for checking out this Amazon shopping board - I hope you're able to update your at home cocktails with some of these fun and affordable items!

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