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Salad Essentials from Amazon!

These great finds from Amazon will help you make the best healthy salads in your own kitchen! I've included a great tool to slice almost anything, storage jars for ingredients or home made salad dressing and an awesome top rated cook book that is ALL salads.

I have linked each amazon affiliate item below in clockwise order starting from top left:

8 in 1 Spiral Slicer and Mandoline slicer - This is the ultimate food prep tool for your kitchen. There are 8 different slice capabilities and it will cut your chopping time in half. Priced at $25 it's well worth it's function.

16 oz Glass Bottles with Airtight lids (12 Pack) - Use these for anything from home made salad dressing, smoothies or overnight oats. These are super easy to clean and don't take up a lot of space in your fridge.

Salad Samurai Cookbook - 100 easy to make salads that will fill you up! Almost 300 4+ star ratings on Amazon and priced at just $12.63!

17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle Set - If you buy olive oil in bulk (if you don't you should!) you need to use this for every day cooking. This set comes with a funnel for pouring from larger containers. Priced at just $9.99 each!

Buffet Serving Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs - These are what you use when you're having guests over! These will help to serve salad, steaks, grilled chicken or veggies such as green beans or roasted potatoes! Set of 2 for $14.89!

Black and White Ceramic Jars with Wooden Lids - These are great for salt and pepper but could also be used for storing coffee grounds or loose leaf tea! $20 for set of two.

Bamboo Salad Hands, Server Set - These are so great for serving and mixing salad. They offer a casual appearance and are grea for every day use. Priced under $10!

Thanks for stopping by this Amazon shopping board for Salad Essentials!

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