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Make Succulent Gardens at Home with Amazon!

Do you love succulents? How about making your own unique succulent garden with just a few clicks on Amazon?! I’ve linked three possible options for different styles that you could make. These succulents are perfect for a gift, shower favor or party centerpiece. Simply add some small planters and this succulent kit will get you 10 adorable favors! Easy DIY is the best DIY.

Simply purchase the succulents and the soil/rock mix (with links below) and then choose one of the containers to build your own succulent garden!

Each Amazon affiliate product is linked below in clockwise order from Top Left:

Succulent Planter Soil Kit - This kit is awesome and comes with soil, charcoal, rocks and greenery. Priced at $16.80!

Live Succulents Pack of 10 - These succulents come in tons of different pack sizes and get great reviews. For a pack of 10 it is $29.99.

Set of Two Concrete Planters - This 4.5 inch planters come in a set of 2 and are $16.99!

White Large Ceramic and Wood Planter Bowl - this large bowl has a cute wooden stand and a mid-century vibe. Perfect for a statement making succulent garden and $35.99

Set of 3 White Succulent Pots with Bamboo Trays - Cute set and would be great to make three, keep one and gift the other two to friends or family!

Thanks for stopping by this DIY Succulent Garden Shopping Board!

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