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Glassware that Will get Your Guests Talking

Looking to update your glassware before your next party? Look no further than my latest Idea Board on Unique Glassware that will start a conversation! People expect a standard clear glass when they are offered a drink at a party - surprise them with one of these trend setting styles and get your party started :-)

Shop affiliate links below picture for direct links to each item!

Click each link below to shop each affiliate item - Clockwise from Top:

Classic Grey (Smoke) Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 6 - These are just tinted enough to make a statement but won't clash against your other barware.

Amber Colored Water Glasses 7.5 oz Set of 6 - These are vintage inspired and would be great for a fun fall cocktail!

Cotton Candy (Pink) Tumbler 10.25 oz Set of 4 - For all the ladies in the house, who doesn't want to drink out of pink cup once in a while!?

Godinger Clear Double Old Fashion Glasses 8 oz Set of 4 - These are perfect every day water glasses and would be just as nice to entertain with.

Blue Rocks Glass 12.5 oz Set of 6 - these are such a cool color and are stackable!

Let me know what you think of this post by leaving a comment below! All of these links are highly rated and I'm certain you will spark a fun conversation at your next dinner party using glasses with character like these!

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