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Get Some Sleep from Amazon!

If you’re having trouble sleeping, these top rated Amazon finds may help get you into the right mood for great sleep! I have included two sets of super comfy Pajamas, two different night time drinks and lots more. Click below image for direct affiliate shopping links:

I have linked each item below in clockwise order from Top Left!

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Socks (dusty rose) - These super soft heathered socks come in tons of colors and get rave reviews. Sleeping in socks like this is supposed to keep you in a deeper sleep for longer! Priced at $17.50

Women's Bamboo Pajama Set - This short sleeve set is made of Bamboo which keeps you cooler while you sleep. Super cute and many colors, priced at $21.99

Mary Ruth Organics Liquid Sleep Multimineral - This stuff tastes good and actually makes you sleepy! Read all of the great reviews and make this part of your nightly routine. Safe for kids too! Priced at $39.99

Amazon Essentials Women's Poplin Sleep Short and Tee - Adorable colors and great reviews make these a perfect choice for a new set of Pajamas. Not too heavy and cute to wear around the house! Priced at $17 and also comes in a pants set HERE.

Good Night Cream, Sleepy Lotion for Better Sleep - this may sound a little out of the ordinary but this stuff smells great and gets you feeling relaxed before bed. Priced at $34 but will last you a long time because not much is needed!

Sleep Mask with Contoured Eye and Memory Foam - Perfect mask for when you want complete darkness and can't achieve it in the room you're sleeping in. Naps are so much better with this mask on! Gift this to a pregnant friend of yours who needs her rest or to someone recovering. Priced at $14.99 and has 5-star reviews!

Get Some ZZZ's Tea - Made from a great brand that is sold at Whole Foods, this tea has a mix of Valerian, chamomile and passion flower. It tastes great and gets you to sleep fast! There are 36 tea bags in here and it is priced at $21.40

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