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Framed Vintage Posters from Amazon!

Looking for some unique artwork for your kitchen, living room or office? These awesome vintage liquor ad posters come fully framed and ready to hang from Amazon! My favorite is the Absinthe poster - the colors are so great and I love the look of the woman featured.

I've linked all of the framed artwork above in clockwise order from top left:

Campari Framed Advertisement 14x20 - This is a great size for an accent wall. Not too big but will make a statement and priced at $49 which isn't bad framed! Also comes in other sizes!

L'Instant Taittinger Vintage Framed Wall Art - This framed print has a large size and the colors are easy to match to most decor. The size is 25"x37" and it's priced at $60 framed!

Absinthe Blanqui Liquor Ad Framed Print - This is for the 14"x20" size but there are also other sizes on Amazon. I love the colors in this print and it just has a great whimsical feel!

Cognac Monnet Vintage Ad Poster Black Wood Frame - This has a great party feel to it and I love the bright colors! This is a large framed print at 24"x36"and is $46

Martini & Rossi Framed Wall Art 25x37 - This vermouth print has a great feel to it and the large size will make your wall pop!

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